Welcome to the staff page, Below you will be able to see who is apart of the fireiva team helping achieve what content creators have been asking for. 

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Disclaimer: some of the fireiva staff do not want there actual face shown or real named shared, as a company we have to follow those rules with the Data Protection Act 2018


Eros is the Chief Operating Officer of Fireiva. Eros is also the Head of the Marketing and US Team.

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George H Jones / Leapexst 

George H Jones is the Chief Executive Officer of Fireiva. George is the founder of Fireiva, He manages the main application, the website, both US and UK teams. 

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Kayleigh C

Kayleigh C is head of UKs Social Media Marketing Team as a Social Media Manager. She runs all the social media pages for Fireiva.

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Dylan (HighKingPanda)

Dylan is Fireiva's Remote Customer Service Representive, Dylan helps creators on Fireiva if they are stuggling. Dylan also is a Fireiva Rep where he goes around promoting fireiva. 

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Ethan is a Coder at Fireiva

Sean (BluAirsoft)

Sean is Fireivas Chief Technology Officer, he helps our Development Team Develop the main freestanding application. 


God it's so good to see people finally standing up to the monopoly of YouTube. It has work to do and I'm so excited to see what's to come of it

Cody Airsoft

 love it because it is similar to discord and YouTube and everyone is nice and love chatting to new people and it is a great way to make friends happy new year 2021


very epic